Western Red Cedar (WRC)

Western Red Cedar is one of the most durable North American wood species. Thuja Plicata, as is its Latin name, grows in mountain areas on the west coast of North America and Canada. Due to where the tree is native, Western Red Cedar is also referred to as Canadian or American Cedar.

Cedar wood products have a service life of tens to hundreds of years. Its high resistance is due to cedar fibers which contain the substance Thujaplicin, which serves as a natural preservative. Thanks to this cedar wood has a natural resistance to insects and weather conditions.

The exotic Cedar wood WRC is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as it has excellent thermal and sound insulation properties. American Cedar also stands out with its beautiful grain of wood in color shades from straw yellow, through reddish to dark brown. The advantage of Redcedar is that it has a very pleasant cedar aroma.

Western Red Cedar represents an investment in quality, excellent properties and a long service life. Buy materials from a reliable supplier such as Ara Wood. We are based in Konárovice near Kolín, but we also have a showroom in Prague.


Softwood with low density and weight, which, compared to other woods, does not weigh down the building structure as much.


Redcedar helps to efficiently reduce heating costs. The low wood density makes it an excellent thermal insulator, as it contains a high proportion of air spaces.


Western Red Cedar stands out in dimensional stability and workability. The material is characterized by small deformations, warping, expansion, cupping and twisting.