Category: 2

Wood density at 12% moisture content (kg): 830

Also known as: Panga-panga, Kiboto, Awoung

Botanical name: Millettia laurentii

Origin: West Africa, Guinea, Gabon, Cameroon, Kongo, Zaire

Use: High-end solid furniture, veneer siding

Used for:

  • Veneer furniture
  • Turning
  • Interior accessories
  • Handles of various equipment

Durability: very durable, it is resistant to termites, insects and fungi

Wood description: Sapwood: light. Heartwood: yellow brown to red brown with streaks. Texture: streaked. Decorative

Wood treatment:

Cutting: medium blunting of tools, recommended use of sintered carbide blades
Drying: slow, high risk of cracking, low risk of twisting
Workability: necessary use of hard metal tools, otherwise rapid blunting occurs
Gluing: demanding, necessary use of special adhesives
Nailing/hammering: necessary to pre-drill holes
Clean workability: easy finishing, easy to wax