Category: 1

Wood density at 12% moisture content (kg): 740

Also known as: Barwood, Ebeu, Wele, Family: Fabaceae

Botanical name: Pterocarpus spp.

Origin: West Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Zaire, Angola

Use: Solid furniture, veneer furniture, parquet floors, decorative interior elements or construction

Used for:

  • Construction material
  • Interior construction /dividing walls, crossbeams, window crossbars, etc./
  • Floor parquets – very decorative
  • Interior and exterior siding
  • Veneers and marquetry
  • Bridge constructions
  • Shipbuilding
  • Artistic carving, sculpture

Durability: very durable, it is resistant to termites, fungi and wood decaying pests

Wood description: Sapwood: light brown, yellow, sapwood approx. 8 cm wide. Heartwood: orange often dark veined (veins about 1 cm wide), after processing it quickly darkens to reddish brown

Wood treatment:

Cutting: More force is needed, tools do not blunt that much, disruptions in wood due to cutting are average
Drying: slow, relatively low risk of cracking
Workability: necessary to use hard metal tools
Bonding/gluing: demanding, special adhesives must be used
Nailing/hammering: necessary to pre-drill holes B12/Z/22.3.2002