Category: 1-2

Wood density at 12% moisture content (kg): 700

Also known as:

Botanical name: Dryobakanops SPP.

Origin: Southeast Asia


Used for:

  • Floors for heavy traffic
  • Bodywork
  • Handles, tool handles
  • Construction
  • Joinery products for interiors – furniture


Wood description: Sapwood: distinct color, light brown – yellow to pink undertone. Heartwood: red-pink color, darkens to rusty brown, small black spots are almost always present, however, they are not considered to be an imperfection or defect. Possible occurrence of smaller holes up to approx. 1 mm.

Wood treatment:

Cutting: quite difficult – necessary use of stellite knives
Drying: rather slow and quite difficult, risk of cracks and grooves
Workability: easy with the use of special tools
Bonding/gluing: rather average
Nailing/hammering: holds well, necessary to pre-drill holes
Clean workability/finishing: somewhat complicated due to wood porosity