Category: 1

Wood density at 12% moisture content (kg): 800

Also known as: Afzelia, Lingue, Papao

Botanical name: Afzelia bipindensis

Origin: West and South Africa, Guinea, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Zain, Congo

Use: Solid furniture, veneer furniture, parquet floors

Used for:

  • Joinery products
  • Intensely used floors
  • Decks
  • interior and exterior – paneling and siding
  • Solvent resistant containers
  • Construction

Durability: Very durable, resistant to termites, fungi and wood-decaying insects.

Wood description: Sapwood: whitish to light yellow color, sapwood approx. 2-5 cm wide Heartwood: red-brown color, white to yellow deposits in pores

Wood treatment:

Cutting: more force is needed, tools blunt moderately fast, cutting disruption – average
Drying: slow, relatively low risk of cracking
Workability: necessary use of hard metal tools
Bonding/gluing: demanding, special adhesives must be used
Nailing/hammering: necessary to pre-drill holes