Comparison of Siberian larch to WRC

We frequently deal with questions regarding the difference between Siberian larch and WRC. The differences are radical. The basic comparison of technical parameters can be found in the table below. The main differences are in the resistance and durability of the wood species to outdoors, in drying and thus in the stability of the wood and in the weight. These parameters also determine the area of application. WRC is excellently suited for the construction of sunshades, modern sidings, pergolas and terraces. On the contrary, it is not very suitable for frameworks.

Larch, on the other hand, is better suited for framework – if it is not exposed to water, due to its lower resistance, it is suitable for sidings based on traditional principles and techniques and for vertical sidings. If you are expecting a service life of more than 10 years from a terrace, then larch is not suitable. Coating and maintenance cannot delay the inevitable, because water flows into the joints and cracks where you are most likely not able to apply the coating.

The appearance of Siberian larch and WRC select knotty is very similar at first glance, clear WRC is less rustic and more elegant.

Ecology in a nutshell. If you are concerned about the ecological aspect and local tree species. The facts are as follows:

Distance: Siberian larch approx. 6,500 km, WRC 8,000 km with a terrace service life of 3 – 4 times longer, Siberian larch 20,000 km.

Probability of illegal logging: Siberia high, BC none.

Reforestation: Siberia – Russian system, BC 100% of forest areas restored with Canadian supervision today in mixed tree species.

Other aspects of ecology of Siberia. Putin’s money for weapons and the need for non-ecological coatings.

    WRC Larch
Bulk density of raw wood: kg/m3 430 – 530 850
Wood density at 12% moisture content: kg/m4 370 – 385 600
Volume of wood drying: tangential 2.60% 8.20%
  radial 1.20% 6.20%
Flexural strength: Mpa 54 99
Modulus of elasticity: N/mm2 7,500 13,800
Durability according to ČSN 350-2:   2 – durable 3 – 4 moderately durable – non-durable

Siberian larch                                                           WRC select knotty