Our services


we supply, mill and design various milling profiles from exotic wood species. Main tree species: WRC, WYC, Iroko, IPE, Massaranduba Garapa


for developers, designers, architects, manufacturers


we design our own construction plans with knowledge of individual wood species and their properties


what we design, we can procure and install. We mainly showcase our own projects


At ARA Wood, we specialize in the production and sale of milling profiles from various non-European wood species. Western. Thanks to having plenty of wood in stock, we can produce custom-made milling profiles in a short time.

The main pillars of production include milling profiles, planed cedar boards, squared timber, planks, moldings, floorboards, batten, roof shingles and other cedar lumber products. The perfect smooth surface of cedar lumber is ensured by our own planing mill, which produces custom cedar milling profiles in the highest quality.

Redcedar tolerates a wide range of coatings, paints, mordants and natural oils very well. As one of our additional services, we offer the possibility of machine-applied surface treatment of Rubio and PNZ siding wood finishes supplied by us. The advantage of machine application is a uniform layer, which is also given by precise pre-sanding of the surface.

We also provide surface treatment by brushing and charring.

We supply mounting and construction material, screws, clips for non-visible joints, mounting bars, rectifying targets and other products for profiles.

  • Batten
  • Squared timber
  • Machine application of oils
  • Brushing
  • Boards
  • Custom planed lumber
  • Custom processing of timber
  • Charring


Sale of cedar lumber

Take advantage of the sale of a wide range of cedar lumber. We supply lumber in various sizes and lengths. Contact us for information on currently available wood dimensions in our warehouse.


We mill standard and non-standard board dimensions and a large number of different profiles on our own machines. We supply laths with different bevel angles. Thanks to our own production, we offer floorboards, batten and profiles of the highest quality for siding and saunas.

Surface treatment

We offer various surface treatment options. Brushing, charring and machine application of siding wood finishes.

project execution

Our services include not only the delivery of materials, but also the final project execution. Based on documents we prepare a preliminary budget, take measures of the site, prepare the project documentation, procure materials, make the product and complete the final assembly. Use the services of ARA Wood.

Sale of semi-finished products for the construction of saunas

Use semi-finished products from ARA Wood for the construction of saunas. We deliver the grade “sauna boards selection“ for WRC, which is a board designed specifically for the construction of saunas of the highest quality.

We also supply floorboards and batten from other wood species, such as aspen, Thermo-aspen, alder, Thermo-alder, abachi, hemlock, spruce and others. We newly added the Thermo-abachi board, which is very stable thanks to heat treatment and is in great demand for its dark and uniform appearance. An integral part is the production of bench profiles from various wood species, but especially from ABACHI, which is most suitable for use in saunas.

We supply other mounting and construction material for profiles, such as screws, staples, mounting bars, waterproofing foils, ventilation grilles, handrails, sauna accessories and more.


  • Fast and easy workability
  • Dimensional stability
  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Natural grain of wood
  • Pleasant cedar wood aroma
  • Resistance to insects and wood-decaying fungi


  • Bathtubs
  • Benches
  • Deckchairs
  • Tables and chairs
  • Sauna accessories

Outdoor furniture and small architecture

ARA offers the execution of small architecture made of WRC. The possibility to variably assemble a gazebo or tailor original projects according to individual needs is unique. Our garden furniture such as outdoor bathtubs, moveable outdoor folding kitchens, outdoor tables with benches, armchairs and other WRC furniture is also unique. Western Red Cedar will turn your garden into a genuine place to relax and meet with friends.