ARA Furniture factory a.s. is a traditional Czech manufacturer specializing in the precise manufacturing of modern custom-made interiors. The corporation is a continuation of the original ARA Kolín LLC, today with a thirty-year history.

We opened the ARA WOOD exterior wood division more than 20 years ago. In addition to modern interiors, specialization in exterior maintenance-free wooden structures had begun. At a time when IPE was cardboard and Beefwood was mature beef.

As with our approach to interiors, we also try to approach exterior constructions comprehensively and summarize the technical solutions, material properties and aesthetics into one whole. For us, the term “aesthetics” means “wholeness” in all of these and other aspects such as the environment, ecology and more.

Contemporary modern architecture is usually exempt from traditional principles and techniques. Without traditional construction details, European wood species cannot suffice in terms of normal service life in the exterior. With or without coating.

Wood is not just rotting boards. Service life is not a warranty, siding are not just screwed boards. Coating is not necessary. Wood is vibrant, it cannot be bound or commanded. Wood is passion, it’s not a business card. We show what wood looks like now and how it will look in five, ten, twenty years’ time.

New, grayish, ageing, fiery.